onaena focusess on BLACK AND WHITE.  


Onaena is a graphic design agency, we design logo's, business cards, flyers, posters, cd covers, the whole corporate identity, branding, frames & calligraphy. Also we work on photoshoots and illustration.

onaena takes design back to basics: as much black & white as possible, thiS is the most powerfull design style.

Color distracts the essence. Simplicity combined with black and white makes the designs very powerfull and let it speak for itself. This is what distincts Onaena from others.

I always try to make your design very alive and eyecatching but keeping it classy. 
Also I am a big fan of calligraphy,  this is often added to the design style.


Onaena loves everything that makes us more beautifull and confident. Makeup, fashion and style plays a huge role in this. But that's just the outside.. Also books, homeware, food and more inspiration is what Onaena is going to show in the blog to try to make you feel better and make life a little more comfortable.