Skin care products I use

I wanted to share with you my skin care routine and the products I use. I always had a bad skin. Acne was my biggest enemy and I felt insecure. Tried lots of treatments but lots of it didn't help. Now at the age of 24 (almost 25) I must say the acne is at its minimum (don't know if I'm typing this correct lol), but the scars are still there. I still have to make an appointment for this problem.. I'm working on it ;)
So I wanted to show you girls the skin products I use.. I have an oily skin, but on my forehead and chin it is very dry. So I think it's a combination skin, but more oily. 

I've learned (for my skin type) that it is very important to have a good night repair product. I use Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum & Rio Rosa Mosqueta: Pure Chilean Rose seed oil. Both products are very good and your skin looks reborn in the morning. No redness or spots! This is perfect for my skin. 

I'm still looking for a perfect hydrating day cream, I use Nivea sensitive at the moment because my skin doesn't burn and turn red when applying. Many creams do cause this effect maybe it's because of the perfume they put in it.. I don't know exactly. I've tried Benefit and Cliniq and many cheaper day creams but that doesn't work for me!


Removing make up routine:

First I use makeup removing Face Wash Gel from Bebe Young Care. It's a cute packaging and this doesn't cause any irritantion for my skin and removes all of my makeup very easy. Second it depends on my skin what I use.. If my skin looks fine I leave it and put on the Night Repair Serum.

If I have a little bit of acne I wash my face with Nivea 3- in 1 cleansing anti spots (pickel/puist) face wash gel. If you let this rest on your face for about 5 minutes it works like a face mask. After this treatment your skin feels very soft.   

If I see I'm having several blackheads I use the Aok Sea Sand Peeling. Usually once I week I scrub my face with this. Perfect Peeling, doens't cause skin irritation and my skin feels so soft and smooth after using this. 

Here are all the products in a row (bottom picture).

Rio Rosa Mosqueta oil 50ml (30 euro) // Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair 30ml (79,89 euro) // Aok Sea Sand Peeling (2,75 euro) // Nivea Care (3,45 euro) // Bebe Young Care Face Wash makeup remover (2,75 euro) // Nivea Face Wash 3 in 1 (3,95 euro) // Estée Lauder Clear Difference Advanced Blemish Serum 30ml (65,44 euro) I haven't  used this product often so I don't know if it really works.. But soon I will give a review! 

If you know any good products for a sensitive acne skin let me know ;)  links where to buy: douglas , rio rosa , dm