Makeup on - the - go

I've been tagged by an instagram friend to do an on-the-go makeup post, so I thought.. why not make a blogpost about it! So this is what I take with me when I go somewhere to spend the half day there. For example shopping, visiting people or hanging out somewhere on a regular basis. Usually I try to take as little as possible makup with me and the ones that are not too expensive cause you never know.. Maybe It'll break or get lost!

1. CONCEALER - I always take a concealer with me because I have bad skin. This way I can cover a new spot up ASAP! I use Estée Lauder Double Wear Concealer.

2. MATTIFYING POWDER - This is a must for my face cause my nose and the cheek part around my nose gets really oily fast. Usually I use Kiko mattifying powder. But my on- the- way powder is Essence fixing Compact Powder.

3. BRONZER - A bronzer is good for a finishing natural look after applying the compact powder. I use L'oreal Le Blush in Sunset Brown or Hema Satin blush powder nr 06. 

4. LIPSTICK/LIPLINER - Last thing I bring with me is a lipstick and lipliner. Usually Mac Velvet Teddy, Kinda Sexy or Taupe. Combined with this I use Lipliner P2 in color Brown or Nude. 


What's your makeup on-the-go?

Let me know in the comments or comment on my Instagram account!