the making of our latest wedding card

For my small wedding Onaena made an elegant and dreamy watercolor wedding card. The watercolor is handmade. For the watercolor the following process has been made:
- making a watercolor drawing on aquarel paper
- scanning the drawing with your printer
- putting the picture digital and adjusting it with Adobe Illustrator
-> at last you can put your image in the file.
( I hope it was clear cause I think this english translation sucked lol)

Here are the steps:

For the lettering and design I mostly worked with Adobe Indesign because for me it's easier to set up the file and prepare the file for printing. Also to get the word spacing and kerning perfect. For the typography I used Gotham family and the Garamond and Caslon (upperspace only) family. These are one of my favourite characters and I all own them legal :)

Hope you liked this quick little tutorial!