Ekatrin Katrin

Sorry I've been absent for a while! I've worked al lot since my last post and went on a vacation which is also going to be the main subject of my next blogpost. But some of you may already know where I have been from my instagram page: www.instagram.com/onaena -> take a look if you can't wait to see where my latest travel destination was :)

This post is about a brand called Ekatrin Katrin from Croatia. They make fashionable designer bags, handmade by the owner Leda Bosnic herself. She has her own shop and atelier in Varazdin, Croatia. They have a variety of models made of leather and available in differt colors. 
Me myself had to get me one of those pretty bags and by coincidence the initials of the brand Ekatrin Katrin are it also my initials :)

Some of my faves from her collection:

I got the butterfly model in the color VANILLA. For me it's the perfect color and it matches my wardrobe shades :)

Here are some outfit pictures of me & my Ekatrin Katrin bag:

If you're Croatian, Bosnian or Serbian or just know the former yugoslavian language you will find the way to order it on the website: www.ekatrinkatrin.com
If you don't speak the language you can order one of her bags by emailing her: