Trend IT Up Cosmetics Haul

I had the chance to promote for DM. DM is one of the biggest Drugstores in Germany. I'm always excited when I get a new makeup package from them. This time it was for their makeup brand "Trend It Up". Their new limited edition is called Nomadic Elegance and is available from the 1st of July till 31 August 2016. The collection consists of:
5 shades of Lipstick (satin finish, not too shiney thought) -> 2,95 euro
Nail polish in 6 shades -> 2,45 euro
Raidiant Highlighter -> 4,25 euro
Dip Eyebrow Gel -> 3,65 euro
Lips & Cheeks Glow Pen (bronze highlighter) -> 4,25 euro

Check it out in more details in German:

This was in my package:

Lipstick in 2 shades: 010 and 040
The finish is very pretty and it feels comfortable on my lips! Colors are also very pretty. I think this brand is very good for low price makeup.

Nail Polish in 3 colors
Colors: 040, 050 & 060
I love the glitters!! Black I like least because there are almost no glitters visible and it looks more like it's a mat black color. But the other two look so pretty on the nails!

Dip Eyebrow Gel in two shades
A lighter and darker brown. 030 and 010. For me the darker one was perfect because I have wild dark eyebrows lol
I didn't expect much from this product but it is actually very good! It's not waterproof but it lasts all day and you can color your eyebrows with the brushes quite precicely!!
If your looking for a cheap eyebrow product and want a dip brow then this is perfect for you!

And at last the Glow Pen
This is kinda a bronzer/hightlighter for your cheeks. I don't know why it says lips.. but for me it suits better on my cheeks. This is actually very pretty and has a pretty shimmer. 

And here is the whole face makeup where I used all the products above. Looks pretty good! And this is really a good drugstore makeup brand and really worth it when you don't want to send much on makeup. They also have lots of very pretty nail polish colors!


#sponsored by DM