SENSE Lifestyle

Sense Lifestyle is a brand that sells bodycare products, prints and journals.

"Our luxury products are designed to be both functional and beautiful."

Designed by Samantha and Christopher; two designers, artists and travelers from Seattle, Washington. They are inspired by a love of simple and elegant design. 

They send me a package with 2 bodycare products: Shampoo and lotion, and a journal. I really loved the products and I wanted to share this little review with you. 


The package was so cute and I got a card with a message for me, very personal which I liked! 
I really love the packaging of the bodycare products: it's made out of glass which I personally love because glass is always better for keeping liquids because all the good vitamins/bacteria etc are not lost (did I explain this correctly? lol). The typo and design is very minimalistic which I also like. This is also my design style and I personally think minimalistic design is one of the best design ways because the design (if you do it very good) becomes very powerfull. 

The scent and consistency is also very good. The lotion has a lovely lavender scent and the shampoo smells really natural and doesn't lather too much. 


I also loved the journal, the design really reminds met of Cereal magazine. Especially the cover, really cool! The inside of the journal looks also great with pieces of the map of Portland -> it's really good because that's the main focus of this journal. They made the dates very convenient so you can mark the day and month of each page differently so it doesn't have to be in a chronological order. 

Can't wait for more journals and body care products! Wonder which city's are going to be next and which flowers/plants are they going to use next for the body care. Check it all out at their website and you can order all the products there.