In this blogpost I wanted to write about my dreamy vacation in Santorini (Thira), Greece. I've been there for 8 days with my fiancé. This is definitely going to be on of the most memorable vacations ever because my boyfriend asked me to marry him and I sais YESSSS !!
I heared Santorini is one of the most beautifull places in Europe so I had to visit this one! I've been to many places in SOUTH Europe at the sea including: Spain (Barcelona), France (Marseille & Cassis), Monaco, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia (Dubrovnik, Klek, Cavtat, Split, Vodice, Makarska, Biograd, Starigrad- Paklenica, Pula, Crikvenica, Krk / Baska) and Bosnia (Neum) so I really could compare and see the difference. I really liked Greece and I think the people in Santorini are very kind if I compare it with people in other countries. And they all can speak very good English! The Aegan sea is a lot rougher than the Adriatic ocean and the surface of the beach consists of little stones, so little that it's almost like sand. In the water you have bigger rocks.

Santorini Island and map:

Santorini is essentialy what remains after an enormous volcanic eruption that destroyed the earliest settlements on this island and created the currently geological caldera (a large volcanic crater, formed by a major volcanic eruption leading to the collapse of the mouth of the volcan).




We stayed at Kamari, the east side of the island. The East en South mostly had beaches while the West side (Fira, Oia) has cliffs. That's why we choose for Kamari so we had a beach near the hotel all the time and don't need to travel by bus to reach a beach. 

Kamari has a big black beach and is a quiet place in Santorini. I thought that was wonderful, I personally don't like crowded beaches and this was not crowded at all. So if you don't like crowded places you should really book a hotel in Kamari. They have a long street walking along the coast where it's full of restaurants. Every night you can pic one you like!

We stayed at the Rosebay hotel and it was wonderful. It was a 4 star hotel, 100m away from the beach. It had a large pool and the rooms were very clean. 



Fira is the capital city of the island Santorini. It looks a lot like the famlous place Oia with all the white little houses and hotels and the blue roofts. Fira is crowded but a lot bigger than the other villages. They have tons of restaurants and bars and everywhere is a nice view of the ocean. Go and get dinner here while you watch the sunset, it's amazing!

If you wish to travel a lot around the island I recommend you get a hotel/apartment here because all the busses arrive here and take you to all the places on the island. It's also a lot cheaper than renting a car or scooter. Tickets usually cost between 1,80- 3 euro one way. While a car or scooter costs 30- 50 euro a day. 

You can walk around the small city and check out cute ally's and make lots of pictures with the amazing view all around you. You can also take a ride around the city with the donkey's. They can also take you below the cliff, there is a small port where boats will take you to the volcano island. 
To be honest I didn't went to the volacno because I didn't had good hiking shoes and on that island there is no shadow and my skin was alreasy burned haha!



Firostefani and Imerovigli are two small villages next to Fira that also look a lot like Fira and have very cute allyways and lots of restaurants. The view again is amazing!

Make sure you go here! It;s not so crowded at these villages and you have the same atmosphere like the more famous place!

We had the best Greek salad in Firostefani I think but I didn't remember what the place was and we didn't return here! Such a bummer! Try to eat their fresh Greek salade with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, feta cheese and capers -> they all taste unique. 



Oia is THE place to visit in Santorini. It is famous for its sunset, little cave houses, blue roofs and Historic allyways. Beautifull! Also a stunning view everywhere you are in this village. 
I think Oia is too small for the amount of tourists that visit this place. You have to check everything out before 12 in the afternoon. Otherwist it's too crowded to take good pictures, you don't have enough space because of the tourists. And make sure you follow the Asians when you want to take good pictures, they seem to know the secret spots! Don't blindly follow the main paths, go and explore the ally's because you never know where you can make the most stunning pictures!

Make sure you check out the sunset at Oia, be on time to find the best spot! Or go to a restaurant. And don't forget to taste their famous dishes: Greek salade, Souvlaki, Mousaka, Meat balls and Baklava with honey and ice cream!

We started at the old town and walked slowely towards the new part where the paths and stores are renovated. Everything looks minimalistic with all the white buildings. So pretty!
There are tons of souvernir shops with very cute stuff to buy, you should definiteley buy something! 



Akrotiri is the archaeological site in the south of Santorini. We've been here to the excavation site of the Minoa Bronze age settlement.

Wikipedia: The settlement was destroyed in the Theran eruption about 1627 BC and buried in volcanic ash, which preserved the remains of fine Frescoes and many objects and artworks. The settlement has been suggested as a possible inspiration for Plato's story of Atlantis. The site has been excavated since 1967.

It was so cool to see this place! And what people managed to build at that time is just stunning! 

After this you can visit the 3 deserted beaches: red, white and black beach. At the red and the white beach is not much to do, you can't buy food anywhere and there is no shadow. Only at the red beach a couple of parasols that are expensive. You can walk to the red beach where you can take stunning pictures. 
We decided to go to the black beach because there were a lot of parasols available that were not expensive and there is a restaurant. The ocean is very calm here and it's easy to swim. 

I couldn't make the stunning pictures at the red beach because we went with a little boat to all the beachen and then I got sea sick haha, really emberassing! But I recommend; walk to the red beach and then wait for the boat there to pick you up to go to the other beaches. From the red beach there is no other way to go there. The boat comes every half hour.

Hope you liked reading my quick story of Santorini. Be sure to prepare yourself before traveling to Santorini. Write down the places where the beaches are and if you want to explore; take good hiking shoes or comfy sneakers with you. Oh and Oia is pronounced Ia, don't forget about that otherwise you really sound like the avarage tourist. I had a lady that asked us where the beaches where in Oia... Really lady? So please people inform yourself because there are no beaches in Oia lol