summer items & essentials

So I wanted to show you all the new items I got for summer and items I wore on my vacation in Greece! Clothing pieces, bikini's, sunglasses and summer accesories. 


First I want to show you my bikini collection I've collected for over the past months haha! I chose for 3 bikini's and one bathing suit. That was enough for one week visiting the ocean. And I know I will go swimming in the summer in Holland but why the hell do I need more than 3 bikini's then? I won't swim for the rest of the year.. Well maybe I'll visit a Spa in the winter but whatever. In my opinion you don't have a wear every day another bikini :) And I just don't want to spend a lot of money on that.
So let's start with my little collection of bikini's: 

I'm really a fan of strapless bikini tops because you don't get these ugly tanning lines. 
First one is a triange look a like bikini I bought at Missguided. It is so cute and fits perfect! I think triangle is expensive and always sold out (the colors I like) that's why I gave up and bought a look a like. Second one is a nude bathing suit from Asos. I'm not sure if I'm going to wear it.. I like bathing suits but you also get ugly tan lines and your belly won't be tanned lol. But I thought oh well let's give it a try and see how it looks like and make pretty pictures haha! The third one is a strapless red one also from Missguided. I saw a couple of bloggers wearing red bikini's and I immediatly fell in love with the color. I normally don't like red but for this summer I think it looks very hot! Last one is also from Missguided from their new Abad collection with two famous bloggers. The collection looks great! Maybe a bit too daring for me! I also don't like string bottoms because I have a big butt and it'll draw too much attention lol. 
But this one is gorgeous! The texture is beautifull, althought the top is a little too big for me (too small boobs). 

Now next up are my new clothes for this summer:

I bought lot's of different colors: from white and nude/blush to grey and colored clothing. Couple of must haves for my summer: various crop tops, culottes, striped skirt, off shoulder top, bardot top, beach tunik/kaftan, cute playsuit and a co ord consisting of (am I typing this correctly? haha) a croptop and tie skirt . 


Off shoulder look: off shoulder tops or dresses are a huge thing right now. So make sure you have one item in your wardrobe!

Bardot: I went for the bardot top and I love it. It's an item I bought last year at New look. You can wear it as an everyday look with jeans or a skirt or short. Or wear it at a party with a bodycon skirt an nice heels. 

Playsuits: you can easily combine an offshoulder or bardot look with a playsuit. Tons of options around the webshops. 

Culottes: culottes trousers do look very elegant or hipster- ish. It looks a bit strange but classy either way. A bit daring to combine but you will have a unique outfit with this item for summer!
You can combine it with a croptop and sneakers. Or the elegant way with a blouse (or croptop) and heels. 

Stripes: the 70s stripes are really hot, I don't see many people walking with it.. I think it's because it's harder to combine with other clothes and because the colors are so bright and dominant. But with a striped skirt or top you will look very cool! Combine it with a simple shirt or simple jeans: an item that is no so attention drawing.

With shoes I think almost everything is okay. Pastel coloured sneakers will do fine this summer. Find lots of nice and colorfull sandals so you can combine them to different outfits. Really a lot of different pair of sandals can make an outfit look completely different ya know?

Hats: A beach hat it a must have for the beach! A a cap or bucket hat is also fine. 

That's it for the fashionable must haves. Offcourse buy shorts and skirts; those are timeless summer items!!!


Here's my collection of shoes I'm going to wear for the whole summer:

New summer shoes I did wear in Greece:

Unfortunatly all these three are sold out at the websites otherwist I would have put a link to it. 



Chokers chokers chokers, make sure you have at least one! I only have two hahaha I only want a third that´s black (or black suede/velvet) and that's enough for me. Marble and silver jewelry is a must for me. I'm not really into the gold and all my gold got stolen by a burglar :(
But gold is cute at the beach, couple of cute thin golden necklaces around you neck with a bikini combined is perfect. 
And marble because I love marble. Done.



Sunglasses: Two pairs of good quality sunglasses is the only thing that I need. Not more china quality sunnies! 
Sun protection products: I got all my sunprotection from DM drugstore, I got them for free from DM so I never bothered buying other brands. Bondi Sands is what I like and if my tan is not dark enough at the end, the Bondi Sands is going to take care of that!
Slippers: The fury cute one is from Misspap and the other one is obvious. Both are must haves for the beach. You can choose whichever color you like, every color slippers of adidas and fur slippers is good. 
Hats: Black is not so good for the beach so I didn't bring them to Greece. I'm not 100% sure I'll wear them in the summer. I did wear the big one in the middle and the Ralph Lauren caps also. They are also very easy to wear.

summer outfit pictures