Onaena is back! & showing all your April calendar posts

Hi loves! Omg I haven´t posted stuff in a very long time and I feel a bit terrible about it....!! I was so busy with work, health and personal life and I really didn´t have that much inspiration to write.. I did started working out with a friend and personal trainer. I really had some troubles with food: being allergic and getting stomach aches after eating regular dishes. So I started eating healthier, gluten free and less as possible fructose and no microwave dishes. And I'm still figuring out what I can't eat. So I'm going to blog about this journey of what I can and can't eat too! This is such a challange for me because I'm used to eating almost everything and now that is not possible! Stay tuned for more stories :)

Now back to my calendar... I'm so happy that you're making lovely pictures of the Onaena calendar every month, and that you're taking the time and appiciating my work. Thank you all so much!!