Finding inspiration on instagram

Instagram is a very popular social media platform nowadays, it has millions of users and I´m also one of them! On instagram you can find a lot of profiles that can inspire you! A lot of designers, fashionista's and artists have an instagram profile, you can get so inspired from just looking at pictures. Every day I get new ideas for outfits, makeup and art projects. It's really great! So I wanted to show you guys what instagram profiles inspire me and get me to great ideas :)

My most favourite categories are fashion, lifestyle and creative profiles. I'm also very interested in makeup and food profiles, makeup is more for the products and reviews and food is to get inspired for my food flatlays. 

I usually get inspiration for new outfits and sometimes flatlays.. and these are the profiles I personally (at the moment) get a lot of inspiration from: 


I like her sweater combo's and her trousers: minimalistic and sophisticated.








She makes awesome combo's with clothing and colors, also a very good sneaker inspo! Always showing you the newest sneakers.







Mostly powder and pinkish colors, and makes awesome combinations with different types of clothing and affordable!









One of my favourites! Perfect color combo's, always showing where she bought her items. Amazing pieces and sneakers! And most of the time combines cheaper clothes (yeahh!!) Nothing more to say!








Also a very very very good inspiration, items are shown most of the time where she bought it. Makes lovely combinations: very stylish on the little bit more expensive side.







Amazing stylish combinations that you don't see very often. Most od the time expensive clothes but you can already get inspired by the items she combines and get a cheaper version of a similar piece (little bit of searching to do but it worth it).





If you like my style make sure you follow these profiles :) Cause they sure very inspire me to make perfect outfit combo's!
Next categorie are creative profiles I really do like and get inspired from:


Amazing store and concept, one of my examples of what I want to do later in my career!









When you can draw very good and also are very good with calligraphy you should check her out! Makes very interesting combo's with illustration and caligraphy. 









Very very good inspiration for good calligraphy, this girl has got some skills!









Amazing studio, lovely prints and lettering. Nothing more to add to it.









Awesome concept, awesome store and the stationary quality is perfect!








Awesome profiles! I know there are a lot more, but these inspire me at the moment :)
And now the makeup part:



She always shows where the makeup sale is, when the new products will come out and reviews products. Pictures are not great but you get all the info you need! That's why I love it!






Lovely flatlays and lovely makeup collection!








I like her blog and her product reviews, she gives a very honest opinion! And I can relate to her pale skin lol!









If you're a Mac cosmetics fan then this is the perfect profile for you. they always share the best Mac makeup pictures and newest ones. Very pretty!







Also a great profile with great pictures of makeup products! You get a lot of inspo to create your own makeup flatlays!






That's it for now girls! The profiles that inspire me the most on instagram. I know there are a lot of other great profiles out there but these are my faves at the moment :)
For lifestyle I have too many inspo profiles and it's too much to post it all, so you can take a look at my instagram profile and check out the people I follow :)
And for food I also get inspired from a lot of different profile and they are always different so I don't really have specific profiles for food that really inspire me. It really depends :)