Loving Tan

Loving tan is a company that makes tanning products. They set out on a mission to create a brown tan that only required one layer that you could easily apply at home getting a natural olive brown tone. 

I got the chance to test out their mouse and creme in MEDIUM color. Because I am very pale this is the best option for me. You can also choose for DARK or ULTRA DARK.

I think a tanning mouse is a good option for me because my skin is naturally very pale. I can go to a solarium but it's so expensive in the Netherlands plus it's not good for your skin and makes your skin wrinkley. I can offcourse tan naturally but my natural tan fades soooo fast!

All products have a hydrating aloe vera base and are paraben free, vegan and they do not test on animals. So I think it´s not too bad for your skin. I hate putting products on my skin that has bad toxins in it and this product gave no allergic reaction to my skin!

(last picture is from www.thegraciefiles.com)


In the package I got an applicatior mit (left) and a tan removing glove (right). It´s very easy to apply with the mit. It´s soft and thick and doesn´t feel uncomfortable or rough when rubbing the tan on your skin. 

The tan is very very long lasting, trust me this is not the first tanning products I have used. Also it does not leave ugly marks when you apply it too much on one spot for example. 

Here's a before and after look, this is after applying one layer. It looks very good and the color is natural. 

I love this product and I would recommend it to anyone, you can check the backside of the bottle (see pictures) to see if your skin is not too sensitive for this product!
Hope you like it!