Bosnia & Croatia Holiday

Hi loves, I wanted to write about my latest vacation. I went 10 days to Bosnia Hercegovina and Croatia.
For those who cannot find the countries on the map, left is Bosnia Hercegovina and right is Croatia. They are neighbour countries located in the south of Europe.

My History with Bosnia & Croatia (former Yugoslavia): 

My History with Bosnia & Croatia: My Grandma and Grandpa are both muslims born in Bosnia Hercegovina (former Yugoslavia), they got married at a young age and my Grandma moved in with my Grandpa in Zagreb, Croatia. In the meantime my Grandpa already had a decent job in Zagreb. My mother was born in Zagreb, but my father is born in Bosnia Hercegovina. My father met my Mother when she was visiting relatives in Bosnia, they got married and he then moved in with her in Zagreb and got a decent job there. And then I was also born in Zagreb. When the war started we decided to escape because of ethnic cleansing, so we moved to the Netherlands when I was 3 years old (1993).

I always visit both countries but it’s hard to say for me where I am from. When people ask where my roots are from, then I always say Bosnia Hevegovina because I am a muslim and that makes more sense I think. But I always say that I am born in Croatia because that's a fact lol and I know both worlds/cultures and it's similar but also very different. I have a couple of family members living in Zagreb including my Grandma. But I have more family living in Bosnia. I also have a strong conection to Croatia, I always went back every holiday to visit family members and my Grandma so it feels natural to be there. (I hope my english wasn't too bad lol).

Where am I from? I don't really know the right answer, maybe a Dutch woman born in Croatia with Bosnian roots?

Now back to my vacay…. I went visiting family in Tuzla and Kozarac, Bosnia and my grandma in Zagreb, Croatia. I had a great time seeing a lot a nature areas, eating good food and doing some sightseeing.


Tuzla is the third largest city in Bosnia Hercegovina and it's located in the north- eastern part. 
The name "Tuzla" is the Ottoman Turkish word for salt mine, tuzla, and refers to the extensive salt deposits found underneath the city. Residents are Bosniaks, Serbs, Croats and a small minority of Bosnian Jews. 

My Fiancé is from Zvornik, Bosnia Hercegovina. He has an apartment in Tuzla so we decided to stay a couple of days in Tuzla.

The oldest Mosque of the city:

Cevape!!! Love this food, always missing this when I'm back in the Netherlands! It's so hard to find a good cevabdzinica, for me the best ones I ate were in Prijedro, Sanski Most, Banja Luka and Kljuc. 


Zvornik is a small city on the Drina river in north-eastern, Bosnia and Herzegovina. My fiancé and a family have a house in a small village near Zvornik called Divic. It's such a pretty place with a view over the river and high mountains. Reminds me a bit of Austria. 
The first 2 views are from the old fortress Kula Grad build around the 12th/13th century:


Visiting the Grandma's:

Bosnian locals love gardening and love to grow food in their garden. Everything is fresh and still so pure. It's so healthy to eat food you grow in your garden!!!



Zagreb is the capital and the largest city of the Republic of Croatia. It is located in the northwest of the country, along the Sava river. It is the biggest metropolitan area in Croatia, and the only one with a population of over one million.

My old neighbourhood:

Hope you all enjoyed reading this! I know a lot of you love Croatia for it's beaches but try to visit the mainlands and Zagreb! It's a beautifull city!
I think Bosnia Hercegovina is not a popular place to go to because it's not known and doesn't have any beaches. BUT it has a lot of rivers where you can swim in and has one place called Neum that is located also at the Adreatic ocean. The nature in Bosnia is also incredible and the food is so tasty; they have similar food like Turkisch food because of the Ottoman influence back in the days. You will really see another side of south Europe :)