Na-kd is a fashion webshop that offers clothing, footwear, accessories. A range of products that is broad, unique and in-tune with the latest fashions in an entertaining and engaging manner.

What they say:
"NA-KD is a team of highly experienced professionals who live and breathe online fashion and social media with a global outlook. With over 13 years’ experience in e-commerce, fashion design, styling, production, marketing and social media; we know our stuff. And we’re doing it all for you, the customer."

I wanted you girl to show all the cool clothes they send me:
Slit Midi Knitted Skirt, Offshoulder Folded Wide sweater, Cropped Hoodie & Tie Neck Blouse.

Slit Midi Knitted Skirt & Offshoulder Folded Wide sweater
= two piece set

How I wear it:


Cropped Hoodie

How I wear it:

Tie Neck Blouse

How I wear it: