Paperblanks Diary

Me and my mom have a yearly thing we do. We buy a Paperblanks diary for the new year, every year. It has become a habit to buy a Paperblanks diary for us. 
It all started when I went to a bookstore I never went before. I wanted to buy a new book, and I also needed a new diary for the new year so I casually looked at the new diary´s they prepare every year when the current year is almost over. They had a  Paperblanks corner, full of diary´s notbooks etc. It looked all so pretty and colorfull. When I looked at them I saw the quality was perfect!

Quoted from the Paperblanks website:
"Paperblanks® are beautiful writing journals that celebrate human artistry and craft. From French textile design to Persian Safavid binding art, from Japanese Lacquer box patterns to the traditional embroidery from India’s Gujurat region, each Paperblanks® design honours the beauty of artistic creation. Our notebooks are a connection to the richness discovered within centuries of world art and culture."

I couldn't have said it better haha! They have a lot of bookbindings and ornaments from Persian/middle east old culture and that's what mother really likes. So that's why I bought her a diary from Paperblanks back in 2013. And ever since we buy eachother a diary every year. Paperblanks rocks!

Here are the diary's we have at home:

2014 Safavid dayplanner: Safavid- style design come from the islamic Golden Age. It represented a high point in the art of the book.

2015 Blush Pink dayplanner: The art of filigree is the moving human drive to ornament in order to delight the eye and spirit. 

2015 Black Moroccan dayplanner: Capturing the fine renaissance- style leather bindings, this book cover reproduces the craft of gold tooling which was brought to Europe via trade routes to the East.

2016 Purple Edgar Poe dayplanner: Edgar Allan Poe is widely considered the darkest and most gothic of American writers. The cover portrays a fragment from the manuscript of his first book; Tamerlane and Other Poems.
My mom's favourite color is purple that's why her eye caught this one! She learned a lot about this writer at school which she thought was fascinating and scary at the same time. A good choice for a diary!

2016 Shiraz dayplanner: This is a 16th century binding, originally from the golden age of the Ottoman Empire.

They are so easy to use, it's a small size (around A6) so you can carry them around on to go. The disign on the inside is also very clean and includes a yearly calendar inside, holiday calendar worldwide and yearly planner. 

Hope I could convince you to buy these beautifull books!
Here you can find the website: And you can select your country, and in each country it shows you which stores are selling Paperblanks.

Dutch/Belgium website: