Urban Decay Haul

I recently bought my first Urban Decay products after reading a lot of good reviews. I love this brand: the quality combined with the design of the packaging is perfect. Just love it. I bought several products that I wanted to review:

- Naked Illuminated: shimmering powder for face and body
- Eyeshadow Primer Potion: eyeshadow primer
- Naked Skin concealer: weightless complete cpverage concealer
- Naked2: eyeshadow palette
- De Slick Makeup setting spray oil control: setting spray to prevent makeup meltdown and anti shiney face :)

First I'm starting with the eye primer. I adore this packaging, its different, it looks luxurious but in a weird way and I love all the purple packaging they have.
This primer is the regular one, but you have lots of different eyeprimers from Urban Decay. 
The primer doesn't feel different from the ones I used before. But I also didn't try a lot of them because I just started using an eyeprimer few months ago (I know!!). I tried Hema and Nyx HD primer before, I liked the Nyx eyeprimer. 
The Urban Decay poition primer is also good, I only tried it once and it lasted all day. I didn't have to rub my oily eyelids because they stayed oil free the whole day :) So I have nothing special to say about this primer, it does it's work. 

This Naked skin concealer is definetly the best one I tried so far, I even think it's better than the Estée Lauder concealer I always used. This baby has such a high coverage but doesn't feel heavy/sticky under the eyelids. PERFECT!! I really do recommend this one. 
Also keep in mind that you don't need much when you apply this (look at the picture lol).

This is a shimmering powder for your face and body. I don't really know what to think of this product. The packaging is so wonderfull, luxurious and also very shimmery. You also get a little applying blush in the packaging. Maybe I didn't use a lot on my face but this gives off a lot of glitter (not too much) and I don't see a very pigmented color though. But I kinda like the glitters. I think I have only payed for the packaging and the glitters for this product :(

you can see a little shimmer in my cheeks and chin but that's about it. My forehead doesn't shimmer. In this picture I only applied face and brow makeup, no eye or lip makeup yet. Not really impressed by this product, but maybe I am using it wrong.. could be..

NAKED2 palette: this is a perfect palette for a everyday look, both neutral and shimmery colours. A lot of nude, light brown, rose and brown/copper colours (which I will always prefer).  And one heavy dark black color. 
The swatches are not mine, you can check out more swatches at thebeautylookbook. I just never get good swatches with my light skintone, my skin reflects too much light lol.
The colors are very pigmented and easy to apply with the brush (very good one btw, blends very easy)  that comes with the palette. The shimmery colors are also very pretty but not too much. This is just a perfect palette with colors that are all not "too much. 

As you can see I was immediatly starting to experiment with all the colors because I couldn't wait to try them all!! I really do like the colors and they are very true to colour when you compare the pressed eyeshadows with how they look like on your eyelids. 
I will do more Naked2 looks in another review, just to let you see what kind of combinations you can make and how it looks like!

I just put this one once cause I always forget to put it on!! I was never used to setting sprays for my face and this is my first one! I thought: Lets start immediatly with one of the best setting sprays out there (said all the reviews I read then). They spray is very easy to use, it doesn't feel sticky or moist and dries very quickly. I don't really know if it works yet for a whole day. I have a very oily skin so I will make a separate review for this baby. 


I love Urban Decay and I can recommend it to anyone! You can buy it in several shops: 
Sephore, Urban Decay website, Cult beauty, douglas.de, iciparis.nl or be.
Have a nice day loves!