The Making of: Onaena Calendar

I want to thank all of you who downloaded the Onaena calendar and also the people who took a picture and shared the calendar on their social media profiles. So awesome!! THANKS A LOT also THANKS A LOT FOR THE SUPPORT!!!
(if you haven't downloaded the calendar you can still do it! And it's downloadable per month so you're never too late ;) )
AAAANNNDDDD I thought it would be cool to show you how I desgined the Onaena calendar!

There are a lot of calendars out there that look like this one and a lot of famous bloggers use them in their flatlays or monochrome pictures. It fits well with the minimalistic home accesories that are hot! So I though why don't I make this accesable for everybody? It needed to be for free because otherwise how would everybody purchase it. Free sounds better than 8 euro's/dollars for a download that you have to print out yourself. 


First I started with calligraphy, I wanted to calligraph all months per page. So I started to draw/write the words with ink and my special calligraphic brush I use for this. I use mostly indian or chinese ink for this. I put it on my plastic palette and I use a plastic glass of water that I can dip the brush in to spill less ink or to clean the brush. 

I diveded it in three languages: English, Dutch and German. 

When all the drawings were finished I scanned them on my laptop and edited it with Adobe Illustrator. 

When I had all the months finised I organized the files and made an Indeisgn document for the whole 12 months. Per page one month offcourse. With indesign you can easily edit text, books or flyers etc. So it was easier to edit the numbers of the days in Indesign, I can make columns that are perfectly parallel.

You can also make a calendar yourself! Writing the months and number of days yourself.
It's very simple:
Calligraph or draw every month per sheet (you can practice first a couple of times on regular paper). You can use a thicker paper for the actual calendar cause this looks prettier. Make sure you draw the months first with a pencil, so you can erase mistakes. 
Then make horizontal and vertical lines for the columns of the days (also with pencil), this way you know where to write the numbers and to write them more parallel. And later erase it later.  You can also do this on tracing paper and later trace the numbers over the columns on regular paper. And voila your calendar is done!
You can also type the numbers in a column in Word or maybe Wordpad and print this out, and later draw the months on each sheet for each month. 

Hope this helps and makes you all a little more creative! ;)