My 2015 beauty favourites!

Here are my 2015 favourites! Better late than never ;) I saw a couple of girls making this kind of post and it triggered me to do the same because I want to share with you my opinion. And it made me look back at my makeup learning process in the past year. I've really grown in the past year: discovered new products and lots of brands and learned new techniques. Started a blog mainly about beauty and my Art/design journey. Can't wait to see what 2016 will bring!

My favourite items listed below:

- Nyx photo loving primer -
- Benefit Pore fessional -

I've made a post about this Benefit product before and for me this is the best pore filler I used so far, didn't really tried a lot of pore fillers but I just read a lot of reviews and hoped for the best! Since I have huge pores I think this one fills it very good.
The Nyx primer is said to be a lot like the Smashbox primer (which is a very good one they say). I am already convinced! I tried several primers and I seem to swipe em off my face everytime I put foundation over it. But with the Nyx primer is different, it's so soft and smooth and it blends your face!

- Estée Lauder Double Wear maximum cover camouflage makeup-
- Estée Lauder double Wear stay-in-place makeup foundation -

I tried a lot of foundation that will cover my bad acne skin and make it look smooth. I tried a lot of high end products: Dior, YSL, Guerlain etc. They were all good foundations, but didn't give me the high coverage I wanted. So when I found out about Estée Lauder this became one of my favourite brands! The Double Wear maximum coverage foundation is THE BEST I ever tried! I covers up EVERYTHING! I use it as a concealer because it gets too cakey for the whole face. So just put it on the imperfect spots. 
The Double Wear stay-in-place foundation also has a high coverage, higher than normal foundations and that's also what I like. You can also compare it easily with a drugstore foundation. 

- Estée Lauder Double Wear stay-in-place flawless concealer -

Also one of the best concealers I tried so far. There are still a couple of brands I want to try out. I've tried a lot of drugstore concealers and they sucked and didn't give me the high coverage I wanted. This one does give a high coverage and also covers the dark circles undereath your eyes perfectly! I also use it for contouring: making the zone around my nose and under my eyes lighter. 

- Sleek Makeup Face Contour Kit -

I haven't really tried a high end contour set because I think they are expensive. But I'm ver curious and I will try them eventually :)
I read I lot of positive reviews about the Sleek contour kit and I really am satisfied with the results this contour kit gives me! It's a powder for contouring and highlighting but there are no midtones available. But this is all I need for now! If you're looking for an affordable contour kit this is the best one!

- Hema Satin blush powder -

This is a dutch drugstore brand that also has it's owen makeup collection. I was looking for a blush that is not too warm, reddish or orange. Most of the blushes I tried were that way. I wanted a midtone brown color and I think the Hema blush gives me the perfect brown color. The perfect affordable blush!

- Rio Rosa Mosqueta, chilean rosehip seed oil. 

I discovered this product at a health fair. I read a lot about rose water and rose seed oil. When I saw this I had to try it! It's not a well- known brand I think, I asked a lot of people about this and nobody heard about this brand. They are not so commercia and I hope it stays that way. This product needs to be as pure as possible without the bullshit marketing around it. 
Anyway I always use this oil befor I go to sleep and the next morning my skin is reborn and feels so soft. The acne is mostly gone and also the redness in my face. PERFECT product!!
Also good for stretch marks and scars.

- Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade -

Best brow product!! I've improved my brow look with this product. You can easily make your eyebrows natural or more dramatic. Practice makes perfect and when your good with this brush you will get the PERFECT brows. Finish the look with a brow highlighter. 

- L'oreal Volume Million Lashes -

I use this mascara for a long long time, been buying it over and over again. Never though my favourite mascara would be a drugstore one! I've tried a lot of high end brands like Chanel, YSL, Benefit etc but they don't make a difference! This L'oreal mascara is as good as a high end mascara! When I buy a high end brand I always combine it with the L'oreal. It's just been my favourite mascara for ages!

- Mac Cosmetics Matte lipsticks-

Best matte lipstick everrrrr!!1 The colors match the packaging and are very pigmented. You have a lot of choice with different colors. Just perfect, no need for more words!!!

- P2 Perfect Look lipliner -

I have many different colors of these lipliners and they don't dissapoint me: the colors match the packaging, they are very pigmented and stay in place even whe I eat something. I didn't try high end brand lipliners because I think they are expensive. But I did try a lot of drugstore products and I like this one best!

- &otherstories nail polish -
- (DM) Trend it up Double Volume & Shine nailpolish-

I bought &otherstories last month and I adore all the colors they have! Quality is not great but because of the pretty neutral colors I like it. 
Trend it up is a DM drugstore brand which is my favourite drugstore! I love the quality of the nail polish and they have pretty colors.
I don't really have high standards of nail polish, I only think the color and coverage is very important. 

These were all my faves! Hope I gave you some good advice/tips. If there are good products I should try for this new year let me know in the comment down below.