Eat healthy & Grow your own food!

Today's breakfast: French toast with palm sugar, yogurt in a bowl with fresh garden raspberrries, chia seeds and Kellogg's muesli/cereal (with dried cranberry's, almonds and pumpkin seed. And don't forget the coffee! 

People! Grow as much fruits and vegetables as you can in your garden or balcony. Fruits and vegetables are not so healthy nowadays cause of the chemicals they use during the growing process. Google it! Also google how to grow your own food! My grandparents and parents all have their own kitchen garden/vegetable garden (hope I'm typing this correctly). So I know what I'm talking about!
Chia seeds are also one of the super foods (google it)!! You can also add linseed, hemp seed, walnuts, almonds, dry fruit or oatmeal instead of yogurt. Try not to use sugar! If you really feel the need to then try: Honey or palm sugar.
Try not to drink lots of coffee, I only drink it once a week or less.. but when I feel like it. Coffee is not so very healthy.. Try drinking more tea instead; Green tea, camomile tea, redbush tea and tea with giner and lemon.

Mug, bowl and cutting board are all from Ikea. Plate is from Depot

If you have questions about food/ healthy food etc. Don't be shy and send me an email or comment down below :) An instagram dm or comment is also fine.

Wish you all good luck on your healthy journey!