Artifact Uprising

Sorry I haven´t posted for a while, I was busy with projects and my personal life :) BUT I'M BACK!
This time I received 25 free printed photo's from Artifact Uprising! SO COOL!
Artifact Uprising is a VSCO (-cam) company, they print out your photo's in cute square sizes on very pretty matte recycled paper. They also make photo books and photo cards. You can take a look at their website:

The story in short: Inspired by the disappearing beauty of the tangible. Bettered by a community of inspired storytellers. Driven by the belief everyone has a story to tell.

These are some of the pictures I chose to print. Beloved memories and random pictures.

I'm very satisfied with the result and good printing quality! I'm a graphic designer so I know what I'm talking about :) I will definetly order more stuff from them. The soft cover photo book looks beautifull! Think I might use that as a printed portfolio.
If you've posted the pictures on instagram, you can tag #tellon and maybe they will see it and repost it. Happy picture sharing!