Citytrip Brugge & Gent (belgium)

29th and 30th of december me and my boyfriend went on a citytrip in Belgium (our neighbour country). We had a gift card for a hotel so we thought let's do thissss!! We chose Brugge because we didn't want to go that far away and we only wanted to stay one night in a hotel. So this was a very good choice. If you live nearby the Belgium border, Brugge and Gent are good places to vitis. They are both historical city's with good shopping area's. It's not a WOW effect but for one whole day it's perfect, just to be in another city you've never been before and see and experience new surrounding. From our place Brugge is a 2 1/2 hours drive, not too close and not too far :) We chose a hotel just outside the city because it's a little cheaper and we thought why not also go to Gent on our way home, because we pass by Gent anyway.

So first we went to Brugge. It's an old city with lots of historial buildings, towers and churches. You have a pretty view everywhere downtown. No trams in the city but free busses from the station too the centre of the shopping area's and the market. The bus dropped us off in the shopping area: the Steenstraat (Steen street). Lot's of different stores and commercial clothing stores like Zara, H&M etc. When you stay walking on the Steenstraat  you'll get to the Market where the local big square of the city is. At the centre of the square there was a christmas market and around it also lots of restorants and food stands. 

There is also a big tower on that square called Belfort. There's a small museum inside Belfort where the Salvador Dali exhibition was. Lot's of artworks, sketches and a bit vulgair paintings to see but funny :) I bought a book and we went on. We heard the boat trips around the little canals were great so we went there. Only to be surprised of how small the boats were and everyone gets squeezed inside. We skipped this. But if you like boat trips anyway this is a great attraction! We took a break to eat some waffles on a stick at Chez Albert. 

Dali exhibition:

Belfort tower (exhibition), waffles and rest of the view:

And then we decided to walk the path that follows the canals and we kept walking till we found a small restorant with a view on a pretty little lake. It's called the Uilenspiegel. The food was very good: we had goulash and steak. Then we went back to take the bus to the station where we parked the car. 
One advice: don't go in the christmas/newyear weeks: because it's so crowded in the streets and public transport. And you can´t take good pictures because there are constantly people in your way. That´s why my pictures aren't really good :(. Total chaos!!

My outfit in Brugge:

I wore a comfy outfit with peachy pink sweatpants from Bershka, a comfy turtleneck top from Monki and white sneakers to finish the oldskool look. My camel coat and scarf are both from Zara.

On the way back home we stopped by Gent, it's a half an hour drive from Brugge. I was a little surprised with Gent because it's a smaller city but also has everything: a lot of cool stores for example: Cos, Carharrt, &OtherStories, Urban Decay (makeup) etc. And an area with chique high end brand and shops. There is not much to see on a cultural scale. Only one big square with a cathedral but I think that's about it. But maybe I missed something because we weren't there the whole day. 

We also went to eat in a burger restorant called Ellis Gourmet Burger: awesome burgers that tasted delicious! You should def go there and try them.
We went for a coffee at Barista, it had a lot of good reviews but I wasn't so charmed. The coffee was not that great and it was crowded and dirty inside. We looked up two other nice coffee places: Makabon and Or. That's out next coffee spot when we visit Gent again.

My outfit in Gent:

I wore a grey comfy ripped jeans from Zara with a long minimalistic blouse also from Zara. Leater jacket from H&M with a fur gilet (I bought that day) over the jacket (also H&M). I didn't switch shoes cause the Puma's are comfy enough (although trinomics are comfier!). Also wearing my little bordeaux croc bag from Zara, currently my favourite!



What did I buy:

They didn't have sale in the clothing stores in Belgium (just H&M) so I didn't buy much. First pic is the book I got from the exhibition. Later on I went to New Look and found all these cute socks on sale.
The H&M fur gilet was also on sale for 25 euro. And it has a little ombre effect.
The last picture is from the &otherstories store: I bought a nude sweater, peachy and camel nail polish and hand balm. That's the perfect store!


I really had a good time in the West of Belgium, a part I have never been before. It's small but historical. Brugge is good for sightseeing and food, Gent is a very good place to go shopping and get some coffee.