Ladder painting project

I had the chance to start my first furniture painting project!  Painting a ladder, that was a part of a bunk bed. My job was to pimp this thing and turn it into an awesome towel holder :) 

I've made artworks over the whole furniture piece. I had so much fun and relaxation doing this, I think I've found a new occupation I enjoy doing :) Painting my artworks on furniture! 

This is the end result:


I'm happy with the result and how it turned out. It also looks great in the bathroom. Now I want to focus more on the development of this project. 
At first I made sketches of the design that should be painted all over the ladder.

I used the white acrylic marker from Molotow (1mm). You can use this marker on almost every surface, it dries very quickly and you can refill it. There are also thicker ones available, this one is one of the thinnest. With 0.5 being THE thinnest of them all. And they have a lot of different colors. I bought this one in an art shop in Maastricht (Netherlands), I'm sure the brand (MOLOTOW) is available to purchase online and in a lot of art shops around the country. Check out the Molotow website:

Next I just started painting all over the ladder without making preperation sketches. Just following my intuation/gut feeling and just create spontaneous shapes, but keeping it in the design style I orginally made.

I'm very pleased with the result and in the future I'm going to do more of these projects! This project is added in my portfolio: the work & projects page in the menu. You can check out more pictures there :)

If you want a custom painted small furniture piece in Onaena style you can email me at I would be happy to do it for you! 

-I prefer people that live in The Netherlands anywhere!
-Germany is a huge country so I would prefer people from the Achen/Düsseldorf/Köln region. Not further away because I live near Achen. 
This because it makes the whole process easier, and it's easier with travelling. Rather than using the expensive way of transporting furniture using a transportation company or whatever. It's better for me to go to the place where the furniture is and to paint it right away, or to first take it home and when finished, returning to the owners. :) I hope you all understand this!