Book of the month: CHANEL - Her life

Loved this book!!!!  If your a fan of fashion and designers this is a must to have in your book collection! The book itself is perfectly minimalistic designed with beautifull illustration by Karl Lagerfeld himself. Also very clear and private photo's of madame Chanel herself. They story is a little complicated written but you gotta get into it when you start reading: takes time! But it describes her life very clear. It tells the story of Chanel's personal life, about her family, her love life and her accomplishments and how she got at the top. Her personal life is very dramatic and emotional I think. It could be written in more details like the movies they made of her. But I guess it stays a biography that is also focused on the career side and how Chanel got big.
Published by Steidl, a german publisher that has a lot of rare art books in their collection. Take a look at Happy reading!

A must read for december!

Some of the personal pictures in her life and the pretty illustrations: