Onaena Exhibition for 3FM Serious Request

Today, the 10th of december I had the chance to present my small artworks in the Muziekgieterij in Maastricht (NL), hosted by the Artist and the Others. It was a whole event with music, food, drinks and a lot of stands with different artists selling their work. The event was organized for a famous charity in the Netherlands hosted by Radio DJ's from the Netherlands. All the proceeds go to charity. 
It was a cute little exhibition with a lot of great talents. But it was a pity a lot of works (including mine) didn't hang on the wall :( ..that way it didn't obtain the rightfull recognition of prosperity I think. 

Painting is something I love to do, it's a therapy and meditation for me. The only thing that makes me really satisfied about my talents is painting (or drawing).. I'm usually never satisfied about my work and get insecure very fast when critisized. But when painting I feel confident and at peace.

The artworks are two pieces of a 3 series artwork. More are in the making so stay tuned! I'm so excited to make more :)

I'm going to make more with more colours in the future. I can also make pieces on request. You can choose the colors I can work with. Also calligraphy pieces are going to be for sale and calligraphy quotes/lines/words on request. More info on that coming soon! If you have questions or requests for artworks you can email me: info.onaena@gmail.com