Nyx makeup Haul (review)

Wanted to show you girls the Nyx products I bought last week. I've read a lot of reviews about Nyx cosmetics and heard a lot of good stuff about this brand. So I though I'd give it a try!
I've purchased the following products:
- Photo Loving face primer (15 euro)
- HD eyeshadow primer (7 euro)
- Liquid Illuminator highlighter (9 euro)
- Prismatic eyeshadow in color Bedroom Eyes (6 euro)
- Matte lip creams colors: Transylvania, Copenhagen, Cannes, Stockholm, Londen & Athens.
(7 euro)


WOW I really really loved this primer! In the reviews they often said it was a dupe of the Smashbox primer (which is a very good one). But I really do believe them now! It is so easy to apply and so soft. When you put it on your face it already seems like it is a little blended with photoshop! I let it rest a few minutes on my face and then apply the foundation. It looks better with the primer and less "cakey" (sorry I hate this word lol, but I have to use it now). So I really recommend this product! I don't even want to buy an expensive primer right now :)

I heard a lot of good stuff about this eyeshadow primer, and I was looking for a good primer for my eyelids cause after a few hours it would fade underneath my eyes.. 
I´m not sure if I´m convinced about this eyeshadow base, it´s not very different then the rest I tried that didn´t work for me. So I´m still looking for a good eyeshadow base. If you know a good one feel free to leave a comment ;)

This looks so pretty as a swatch.. But I thought it would look prettier on my face.. I have to put on a lot so you can see it shimmer and glow... When I put a normal layer on my face it doesn't stand out.. doesn't catch my eye.. 
As you can see in the picture you can see a little shimmer undeneath my eye an a little bit on the side cheekbone, but nothing special. But I think I have to put on a thicker layer.. I also have the Sleek makup highlighter (powder, from the contour kit) and I think that product is better than the Nyx highlighter (for my skin).

I saw pretty reviews on youtube and I wanted to try it myself to see how pigmented it really is.
And it really is a perfect eyeshadow, highly pigmented and such a pretty brownish glittery color. Perfect! I will be buying more colors!

I've also heard a lot of girls are addicted to these lip cream.. When I tried it I could tell you I am not going to be addicted to this product.. The colors are pretty but you have to put on several layers so the color doesn't look transparant, especially the darker colors. Maybe that is because it is a lipgloss and not a lipstick. So maybe I have to get used to that. And I have to put on a base layer of foundation over my lips so that the true color becomes more visible. So I'm not a 100% convinced about this product, but for 7 euro this is really pretty. You should try it because it is cheap. So maybe I am expecting too much lol. But I'm definetly going to try the matte lipsticks!

FIRST STEP: APPLY BASE (for me it meant applying  lot of foundation lol)

SECOND STEP: APPLY LIPCREAM (several layers, and then blot a little)

COLOR: Athens
This is a light nude color, perfect for an everyday look or combined with smokey eye.

COLOR: Stockholm
This one is very similar to Athens, but a little more pink toned. 

COLOR: London
This is a more pale/sand color nude an different than the other nudes. I really liked this color, but it totally didn't match my skintone and face! Such a pity. The color of the packaging matches the real color on your lips though!

COLOR: Cannes
I really didn't like this color, it's too pinky/coral for me. I don't think these kinda colors match my skin/hair tone. The packaging color looks prettier.

COLOR: Copenhagen
I really like this color! It's a dark/bordeaux red color. But it's such a pity the dark colors are so transparant. You have to apply more layers and when you blot it, the color becomes lighter. Little bit frustrating..

COLOR: Transylvania
Such a pretty color of the packaging. But on the lips it looks more blu-ish brighter purple, rather than very very dark purple. Not really what I expected but the color was fine. Also the most transparant I think. 

I loved the Nyx primer and the prismatic eyeshadow, I also think these are the best products of all the products I purchased from Nyx. The lip creams are great when you look at the price (7 euro), so cheap! There are many nude colors, which I like because I'm a nude fan!
When you compare the lipcreams to expensive lipcreams/lipgloss and lipsticks, it's not a great quality. It's fine for an everyday look (not on special occasions). And I also think this is not an alternative for the expensive matte lipgloss. I've heard Milani and Stilla are much much better so I think that is my next lipgloss purchase I will make :) 

The highlighter and eyeshadow base did not work for me unfortunatly even though they had good reviews which sucks for me because I have high expectation then..

If you're looking for an affordable brand this is a perfect one! They have a lot of different choice of products and lovely bright colors.  

What do you think is the best Nyx product? And is there a Nyx product I should really try?
Does anybody know how their matte lipsticks are? I'm expecting it to be much better...