P2 Brave & Beautifull creamy Eyeshadow and Highlighter

The DM drugstore in Germany is so awesome, it's one of my favourite stores in Germany. I've picked up some fabulous eyeshadow's and one highlighter form their makeup brand P2.
- Brave and Beautifull Autumn Glow cream highlighter nr 020 Splendid
- Brave and Beautifull Beauty Explorer cream eye shadow nr 050 Orange Lava
- Brave and Beautifull Beauty Explorer cream eye shadow nr 040 Brown Earth

The texture is so pretty and grained, but when you touch it, it's so soft and creamy. Just loving these fall colors! 

I love the eyeshadow color's, the colors are the same as you can see in the packaging (the two small ones). The bigger package is the highlighter. I first wanted to buy the lightest version but unfortunatly it was sold out. So I bought the broze color but I wasn't really happy about it. When I applied it on my cheeks I hardly could see the color... Just some glitters on my cheeks.. very strange! This highlighter doesn't work for me! Now I use the highlighter like an eyeshadow because it works best that way and you can see the color on the eyelid. 

 The Swatches

The Swatches

And here an expample how it looks like applied on the eyelids. and it looks very pretty. I'm satisfied! And it gives a pretty glitter effect.

You can purchase it at the Dm stores (limited edition!). You can check on the dm website in which Dm stores they sell it. 
Highlighter- 3,75 euro
Eyeshadow - 2,95 euro