Estée Lauder Foundations Review

Few days ago I bought two Estée Lauder Foundations: 
- Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup SPF 10 in 1W2 Sand
- Double Wear Maximum Cover SPF 15 in 1N3 Creamy Vanilla

Like i said earlier, I´m a big fan of the foundation products of Estée Lauder. They cover up all my imperfections in my face: spots, scars and redness. Maybe for people with no problem skin this is too cakey, but for my skin it is perfect. It does give you clogged pores but for me this is worth it when I want my skin to look perfect. I don't wear it every day because of this, but when I visit my boyfriend, go to parties or in the city for a longer periode then I use this. It also lasts long. 

First I'll use a moisturizing day cream as a base, then the Pore fessional from Benefit to make my wide pores look smaller. I apply this on my nose and cheeks and let it dry/rest for about 5 minutes. Then I'll apply the Double Wear foundation all over my face with my finger tips and beautyblender (not the original).

Then I apply the Double Wear Maximum cover on spots, scars and impurities. This is my holy grail! 

And the result looks like this: (just the face makeup, I didn't use blush/contour or eyemakeup)

No photoshop, nothing!! Maybe I'll post a before and after picture another time. Then you can see the results better. 
I hope this works for all the ladies out there who have a skin problem like me :)