P2 All About Berries Limited Edition

I've been so sick the past days I haven't done much! Still not feeling a 100% well but I'm fine :)
Wanted to show you the P2 limited "all about berries" collection package DM send me. I was so happy and surprised I got picked for this package! Who doesn't love free makeup?
You can find this limited collection in all the Dm stores from 22nd of october till 18th of november. The collection contains of 3 different ombre lipsticks, 3 different matte lipsticks, 3 different lipsglosses, 7 different nail polish colors and one lip brush. This all in the berry colors. Which is a perfect color for this fall, and that's what they've been focused on:
-ELEGANT ALLURE nail polish (2,25 euro)
-BLURRED LINES ombre lipstick (3,25 euro)
-SMOOTH JOY lipstick (2,95)
-Lip Brush (0,95 euro)
-VELVET GLOW lipgloss (2,95 euro)

-4 Different colors of the Elegant Allure nail polish
-2 different colors of the Blurred Lines ombre lipstick
-1 smooth joy lipstick
-1 lip brush

Today I'm going to review the lipsticks, nail polish takes more time so I'll give a review maybe later this evening.

In total I got 3 different lipsticks to try out:
Blurred Lines ombre lipstick in nr 020 Shades of purple & nr 030 Shades of lilac. And the SMOOTH JOY lipstick in nr 010 Pink Mood.

I love the packaging, purple typography combined with a pearly white packaging: looks very good. And I really love the ombre lips packaging, the color combo looks very prett and also the swatches. Alhough I'm not sure I like the shape of the lipstick. It has very sharp edges so it can break more easily. 

I was very happy with the smooth joy lipstick, very pretty and high pigmented color and such a perfect matte finish! Wish they send me all the colors. I'm definetly going to buy the other matte colors tomorrow at the DM!
The ombre lipstick I found not so very good... I had to figure out how to apply it, cause when you begin to apply it over your lips it becomes one color.. and not an ombre shade. So you have to apply it very carefully making sure you don't mix up all the colors. Make sure the darker color is applied in the inner lips part and the lightest color on the outher part of the lips. So try to apply it this way. They made the lipstick extra smooth for easier applying. But for me this doesn't work. In the end the nr 030 shades of lilac looks better on the lips and I don't know why this is. Maybe because there is a higher contrast in the lighter and darker shades..
Well here are the colors on my lips: top is the smooth joy lipstick (matte), then the ombre lipstick in nr 030 and last one the nr 020