Maybelline color sensational matte Review

When I go to the DM drugstore I always hang around the makeup area, they always get new stuff for cheap prices and I love the brands they have. This time I had my eye on the new Maybelline lipsticks.. Color Sensational MATTTEEE! I was so happy because I always loved the maybelline lipstick colors but always found them too shiney. I don't know since when they have it, but I love it! And It's a very affordable price and good quality. It's matte, not dry and not shiney and creamy and easy to apply. I bought three colors, not nude but pinks and a red one. Because I think the perfect nudes are from MAC and I have a lot of them. 
The colors look so pretty! I bought nr 940 Rose Rush, nr 950 Magnetic Magenta and nr 965 Siren in Scarlet. This is a great alternative product if you find MAC or Chanel etc too expensive. 
I was never fond of the packaging, it looks plastic and too cheap for the quality you get.. They could maybe make the form of the packaging more interesting or more colorfull.

Here's my review about the colors.. 

First I'll start with the red one nr 965. Pretty red color, but for me it is too bright red, I always prefer a bit darker or more purple-ish red. But this one is fine when the color suits you. 

The Magnetic Magenta was my favourite color, although it looks even prettier than on the picture! It's a pretty dark pink-bright purple color. 

The bright pink one is pretty, but I have to get used to this one. Maybe a little too sophisticated pink for me. I like nudes and strong bright colors, but this pink is not bright enough for me.. But I'm definitley going to try it again, maybe I just have to get used to this one. I'm not giving up on this color so easily!


You can buy it here:
Kruidvat - 12,49 euro
DM - 6,65 euro

I don't know why the makeup prices in Germany are much cheaper than in Holland.. But I always buy it in the German DM or Rossman. Everything is cheaper there :)