Sleek makeup Contour Palette

I´ve heard a lot about the Sleek makeup brand and I thought I should give it a try! The contour palettes had good reviews so I was confident I wouldn´t be dissapointed. And I wasn´t at all! 

- Face Form Contouring & Blush Palette, Fair (13,49 euro)
- Face Contour, Light (8,50 euro)

I love the packaging: simple and mat black (yes!). Only thing I hate is that is constantly getting dirty form my foundation, because I apply my foundation a lot with my fingertips and then I forget to wash my hands before grabbing the Sleek packaging.. sigh...
I also love the good pigmintation of both the contour palettes. The 3 colored pallete gives you a pink/nude midtone to make a better transition (am I saying this right? lol) between the dark contour and the highlight color. The other colors are fine too, they are the same but with one color less.  

I don't know if you can see it very well in the picture, because when you make a picture of your makeup it always seems you have less on the picture then in real life. But I forgot to put on an extra thick layer of contour because I was going out after this and didn't want to look like a clown lol. But I can tell you this is a great contour kit that is very affordable!