Striped ruffle skirt

I've got the cutest skirt from Shein that's got all the trends in it! Stripes, ruffles and embroidery!
Take a look at how I combined the skirt:


Jeans Jacket

My love for jeans jackets is big. That's why I got a brand new one! It's from Romwe fashion and it's an oversized light blue washed classic jacket. A must have! 

buy here:

one shoulder trend

I've been seeing this trend more and more this summer! What do you think? I think it looks very good and can make any dull outfit unique. Shein fashion has some amazing one shoulder tops. Here are my favourites:

Citytrip to Venice

My and my hubby went to Venice in March for our little honeymoon! It was perfect! It also was not too crowded and the weather was very good with sun the whole day.
I really enjoyed all the monuments and historical buildings, all the little streets and allyways are so charictaristic and don't forget about the beautifull bridges! It's a small city and you can easliy visit everythinh by foot, especially when you are sea sick lol. Because they only have boat busses you can travel with and I am always sea sick so I don't wanted to travel by boat. We went everywhere by foot and it was amazing! Unfortunatly we didn't ride the gondola because the price was ridiculous high: 100 euro. You can go by foot the same route as the Gondola :) 
Here are some shots of Venice, hope you enjoy them!


Busiest square of Venice with the most tourists. If you want to make good pictures then go very early in the morning, tourists usually start arriving at 9.30 and then at 11 it will be crowded! Especially in the weekend. Also in the evening it is very quiet and you can take a look at the buildings without asian tourists walking in the way lol.
When you want to eat/drink in restaurants at this square, be prepaired to pay the most expensive price!

When you walk further towards the water there is a big street next to the gondolas, I can't remember what the street is called. But you also have a beautifull view of the water and buildings. Sorry for all the photobombing people, it's just so crowded that you can't take a nice shot without all the tourists in your face. Be sure to visit Venice in a season where it is not so crowded with tourists!


This is the most crowded canal of Venice, where all the boats and gondolas ride. It's very beautifull, but not so big as I imagined it to be! They have lots of cute restaurants next to the water. But be carefull! It's expensive and they don't have the best food!



I didn't exactly know how to name this title.. But when we went back to the bus station by foot we had to walk about 15-20 minutes to the west of Venice were it's mostly mainland with very few canals. This part is also very pretty and has a very divers amount of restaurants and pastry shops. Most of the locals live here.

They have one big canal that leads to the big bus and train station:


If you are looking for the best pizza and pasta in Italy you will not find it in Venice. Venice is known for it's good seafood, not pizza and pasta. However they have one good restaurant called Rossopomodoro -> best pizza in Venice! also in the northern area (San Polo and Cannaregio) of Venice you can get good pizza and pasta. Coffee is only Espresso or Latte Macciato. I think they also must have Cappuchino but they drink that in the morning and I didn't saw it on the evening menu. 


We stayed at a hotel in the Castello area but near San Marco. It was on of those hotels you will find in the small allyways. When we just got in Venice we were searching for the hotel for 2 hours with google maps. A disaster! You really need to get used to the allyways because at the beginning it really is like a maze! It was a very small hotel with comfy rooms and we got breakfast in our room which was also nice. If you're interested you can always email or send me DM on instagram about the hotel. Almost every hotel in Venice city is in Victorian/ranaissance style. If you don't like it then you should maybe take a hotel outside Venice. For example Mestre, they have modern hotels and Venice is not so far by bus. 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, I had a great time and I hope you will too :)

Floral embroidery and mesh

Don't you all love a mesh top for this season! Especially when it's with a nice floral design! I got this perfect long sleeve mesh top from Zaful.

Here´s how I combined it:


gingham and ruffles

I got this amazing top from Shein that has a combination of gingham and ruffle sleeves! Just perfect. Oh I almost forgot it has a choker neckline!

Here's how I styled it:


Ruffles and frills wishlist

SHEIN ( has a huge amount of tops with frills and ruffles: so much choice!!
I wanted to share with you my wishlist. The images are click- through links that get you directly to the garment :) I hope you like them!

Mom jeans

Mom jeans are really trendy for a while now, I got a basic pair of mom jeans from the lovely brand SHEIN ( Check out how I combined them:

They are so comfy and are high waisted. Perfect also when you don't have a small waist. For me they are mostly too big for my waist and too small for my butt. So mom jeans are really difficult for my body type.


Flared blouse with emroidery

I got this amazing blouse from ROMWE ( and have been looking for a flared blouse for  longer time but didn't want it to be too much "flare" or too big flared sleeves for example. Here's the blouse and how I combined it:



I got two amazing spring must have jacket from ( One is a ribbed mint green jacket and the other a denim jacket with embroidery.

Check out how I combined the jackets: